Business Block A Y3 Seminar & Y3 Grades

The evaluation for the seminar and the final grades have now been posted on the website for year 3 students in the Block A course.  I would really like some feedback about what you guys think of this form of seminar.  Please feel free to leave comments.  Even anonymous comments would be really welcome.

I’m also missing an email address for one person, so please contact me by email if you would like to access your grades via the web.


  1. Moa skriver:

    I think the seminar was great, especially since we haven’t really done anything like it before. Also it’s a good way to end the course ‘cause it was less stresfull than an essay and more interesting. I think it’s something you should continue to do in the future.

    Thank you for this term, it’s been very educational and fun. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Years.

  2. Malin skriver:

    I agree with Moa, the Seminar was a great way to end the course. I was a bit confused about the structure before the seminar but it worked out very nicely. Also it was good that we got to take part in planning and the providing of material for the seminar as I belive that increased our motivation and interest in the subjects. Thank you for this term.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:)


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