Business Block A, Business Block D At-home Business Test

The following is a take-at-home test. You may use your course textbook and any notes you like on this test. You may not, however, receieve external help or discuss answers with others. Keep answers brief and to the point.

  1. Explain limited partnership in terms of advantages and disadvantages.
  2. The public sector fulfills an often important part of a county’s economy. What is the motivation for a government owning a company? Name any well known Swedish company that is either currently or in the past has been owned by the government and explain why they have an interest in it.
  3. Explain liabilty in terms of company forms.
  4. Explain the concept of vested interest and stakeholders.
  5. How and why do companies go multi-national?
  6. Changing organisations of any type often must deal with issues like responsibility, authority, and accountability. A company is delayering it’s workforce would like some advice on these issues for its remaining employees. Use appropriate terminology to give them some advice.

Write your answers either directly in an email or in notepad/Word and send them to me at or via my Contact Form no later than 16:35.


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