Business Block D Fanta Presentations

Today we presented the ideas from the Fanta brainstorming sessions we’ve had.

Groups please leave your short product summary along with a picture as comments to this post.


  1. Gini & Mattias skriver:

    The Fanta Fizzer

    With the Fanta Fizzer tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of Fanta anywhere you go. Using less space than multiple bottles or cans, the Fanta Fizzer is an easy and convenient, as well as the environmentally friendly way of enjoying Fanta! Take a fizzer, drop it in some water and let it do its exotic magic. See how it makes your everyday life a lot more fun!

    [img] Fizzer.jpg[/img]

  2. Joel skriver:

    [img] Shoop.png[/img]

    Fanta LINGON is a brand-new product that fills the void between juice, beer and flavoured water. It targets a more sophisticated audience and aims to put Fanta on the dining tables and in the picnic baskets of the 16-25 year olds. Exclusive to Sweden, Fanta Lingon’s flavour is a modern classic: 100% pure lingon flavour straight from the Swedish forests. Sold in glass bottles and 50cl cans alongside Cider and Pommac, it can take the booming market of non-alcoholic beverages by storm.

  3. Erik skriver:

    ”Old is Gold, but for Fanta, New is Diamond!”
    The new revolutionizing design from Fanta will enable you to enjoy Fanta fresh and cool as it should be! The effervescent tablet inside the lid, is released into the water when the bottle is opened, contains all the vital minerals and vitamins that helps You take on the day. For all the Fanta lovers out there who wants a healthier alternative. In flavors such as Orange and Strawberry!

  4. Hampus Näsström skriver:

    Fanta Vitamin Shot

    “Fanta for Healthy People!”

    A healthy version of fanta, which keeps the great taste. It targets the healthy people which wont drink normal fanta. It is a vitamin supplement and it is sold for three different age groups. The vitamins are suited for the age groups.

  5. Iffi and Victor skriver:

    ”Making Fanta exclusive”

    This new Fanta beverage allows the luxurious teenagers (of age) to show their status. With the perfect mix of champagne and Fanta Lemon, Fanta Golden VIP is the perfect way to show the rest of the dancefloor ”your Fanta is better than theirs”


  6. Sandra Toften skriver:

    Fanta Shots is perfect for those who are tired of using large, awkward and difficult to carry bottles to mix their drinks. With the perfect mix of vodka and fanta, this handbag-sized flask allows for a fun and enjoyable night – without the typically time consuming preperation of drinks. Desirable for all women who enjoy a good, inexpensive yet tastey shot; this drink is available in several delicious flavours, and is even sold all year round!

    (I’ve been trying to upload the photo but it doesn’t work)

  7. Thujeepan Varatharajah skriver:

    Fanta EnergiZer

    The Fanta Energizer is a revolutionary new product aiming to help the youngster in their stressful moments. In what is to be seen as a revolutionary new recipee, re-defining the term of an energy drink, the Fanta Energizer combines the strength of an ordinary carbonated sports drink with the ordinary recovery drink including Proteins, Carbs and Caffein in this product. It’s energy in its raw form!


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