Small Business Block A, Small Business Block D Marketing Assignment Work

Today’s Podcast: The Wall Street Journal on Small Business

If you would like to have grade discussions with me on Friday May 27th during the 8.20 class, please leave a comment.  If you have a class during this time, please let me know and I can meet you before class for a quick discussion.

The marketing analysis assignment MUST be handed in via Fronter.  No exceptions.

Marketing Assignment Hand-in Catalog (requires Fronter login).

If you are doing the Marketing Campaign please leave a comment informing me, so that we can book in a time on the 25th.


  1. Mattias skriver:

    Hello Mrs. Rhoads,
    Just want to inform you that Victor J, Måns F and Mattias A are preparing for a preparing to present a campaign on anti-smoking / drink responsibly.
    / Mattias A

  2. Mattias skriver:

    … Mattias A are preparing to*…

  3. Hanna skriver:

    I’m doing the campaign!

  4. Hanna skriver:

    sorry, changed my mind… I’ll do option A

  5. Filip G skriver:

    I cant access fronter, how do i get the assignment??

  6. Ms Rhoads skriver:

    This is the assignment..Talk to Salar at school in order to get your login in fixed in order to be able to turn it in.

  7. Filip G skriver:

    Hi, Mrs.Rhoads me and filippo are doing Option B. The marketing campaign for Anti-Smoking!

    btw are the notes you posted on the website the theory you want us to include??

    -filip g

  8. Johanna skriver:

    Hi Ms. Rhoads, last semester you tried to fix my login but it didnt work, anyway i could email it to you instead?

    • Ms Rhoads skriver:

      Yes i remember this. A suggestion might be for someone else to turn it in via fronter for you. They can use the group turn on option. You can send it to me via email, but its not certain that i will get it. Too many people said they had sent me assignmnents last time that I never recieved.

  9. Hanna skriver:

    Hi again, just wanted to check how you want pictures referenced. Is a link to a website enough or do you want it written the formal way? I have loads of pics so that would make quite a long list…

  10. Eda Uysal skriver:


    I would like to have a grade discussion on Friday.

  11. Ebba Fogdal skriver:

    Hello, I would like to have my grade discussion on friday aswell!

  12. Ms Rhoads skriver:

    No, since there is shakespeare day..and i would like people to go see the plays. But I will be around during the day for presentations etc. It just happens that the teachers play is during our business class.

  13. Ms Rhoads skriver:

    Using a hyperlink in the text is enough for this assinment. Just as long as i can access the information to which you are referrring.

  14. filippo skriver:

    So,when do me filip and jonathan have our presentation ?

  15. Ms Rhoads skriver:

    Call me on my mobile at 703 705 5242 and we can meet. I have a few booked in the morning otherwise.

  16. Henrik Toften skriver:

    hey, my fronter isnt working so axel is posting my assignment on his fronter, so you know! and i’d like my grade discussion on friday aswell please.


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