Small Business Block A, Small Business Block D Marketing Assignment

Since we are rather short on time, I’m cutting down the planned marketing assignment.  You now have 2 choices to work from.

Option A – Marketing Analysis

– Looking at already established products marketing within the alcohol or tobacco industry

– This work is to be done individually and handed in by May 25th.

  • G – Analyse a single commercial’s focus using the marketing theory we covered earlier
  • VG – Compare two products marketing using the marketing theory we covered earlier
  • MVG – Looking at a marketing trend using the marketing theory we covered earlier

Option B – A Marketing Campaign

– Creating and implementing a marketing campaign targeted either towards anti-smoking or responsible drinking.  Again, you need to be able to explain your choices using the theory we covered earlier in marketing.

– This work can be done in groups no bigger than 3.

– This work will be presented on May 25th.  Please contact me for presenting times since this is also during Shakespeare Day.


  1. Oscar Lindgren skriver:

    I was wondering if it is ok that the main focus is not on alcohol and tobacco but on a trend like in game advertisments or something similar where tobacco and alcohol isn’t the main area that is discussed

  2. Ms Rhoads skriver:

    No, you still need to keep to alcohol and tobacco. The idea is that you should be looking at an area of advertising which is now taboo.


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