Math C ES2A Review for Post Easter Derivatives Test

We moved the day of the test to Thursday, April 26th. We will also have our next webinar next Sunday, April 15th, the day before we return from the break.
Today’s Notes: Second Derivatives

Read on for Review Subjects:

  • First Principles
  • (Average) Rates of Change
  • Differentiation of a general power
  • Differentiation of negative powers
  • Differentiation of fractional powers and nth roots
  • Differentiation of a simple fraction
  • Differentiation of fractions reducible to simpler fractions
  • Tangents and normals
  • (Simple) Numerical Approximation of the Derivative
  • Stationary Points
  • Graphing Using First and Second Derivatives
  • Derivative of e^x and a^x  – Will cover after the test.
  • Applications of Derivatives – Optimization
  • Local vs Global Min/Max


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