Small Business Block A, Small Business Block D Final Hand-in Folders

Edit May 29th 8:20: I have now deactivated all of the business blogs.  If you would like to write anything more please hand it in via the Fronter catalogs below.

I’ve put up the final hand-in folders for the Marketing Assignment.  Any extra material you would like to hand in can also be put in this catalog.

Y3 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-05-29 @ 17:00

Y2 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-06-04 @ 17:00

Please keep in mind that this is a HARD DEADLINE! I will not be able to grade anything turned in after this deadline due to time constraints.  Please keep this in mind.

(Note that the above links work better if you log into Fronter first)

I am not accepting anything that isn’t via Fronter!

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  1. xavier skriver:

    hi mrs. Rhoads i was wondering if you are able to upload videofile to fronter? since we have made a commercial


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