Math 1B ES1B, Math C ES2A, Math C/D EN2B Now let the grading of national tests begin!

Gah, I have 90 or so national tests to grade in Math 1b, Math C, and Math D. I hope to have two of the three graded by Monday…but that could turn out to be wishful thinking. I’ll keep you all posted via the website.

Update: Sunday 13.00 – I’ve gotten halfway through both Math 1b and Math D as of 13.00 on Sunday. It looks like I should have Math D done on time for class on Monday.

Update: Sunday 16.00 – The 2nd part was quite easy to grade and I’m done grading Math D now.  I am quite pleased about how fair the test was and am fairly sure most of you will be happy with the results. We will look through it in detail on Monday.


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