Small Business Block A, Small Business Block D Reminder: Business Pitch Evaluations

This is now closed.

Just a reminder that everyone needs to fill in the business pitch evaluation for their own presentation as well as the one you were a dragon for. EACH MEMBER OF THE PRESENTATION TEAM MUST FILL OUT AN EVALUATION! This is required for part of your grade.

Continue reading to see who’s evaluations I have received.

I have 16 evaluations from Block A as of today:

First Name Who were you evaluating?
Alexander Eventet – Iman/Xavier/Simon L
Christine-Jane Café Konditori – Olivia/Marcos
Dennis The Food App – Alif/Simon A
Iman Fashionista – Sugeerthy/Richa
Marcos Café Konditori – Olivia/Marcos
Marcos The Food App – Alif/Simon A
Olivia Band Connect – AndrewAnel
Xavier Band Connect – AndrewAnel
Richa Café Konditori – Olivia/Marcos
Sugeerthy – Alex/Dennis
Sugeerthy Fashionista – Sugeerthy/Richa
Simon – Alex/Dennis
Olivia Café Konditori – Olivia/Marcos
Christine-Jane Bon Voyage – Christine/Alexandra
Andrew Bartender
Xavier Eventet – Iman/Xavier/Simon L

I have 14 evaluations from Block D

First Name Who were you evaluating?
Leo Red Bird of Paradise Tea – Akeem
Tonie Brace – Toni/Sean/Robbert
Tonie None
Gustav Edgy Cone – Lavinia/Sara/Sabrina
Robert Brace – Toni/Sean/Robbert
Robert Edgy Cone – Lavinia/Sara/Sabrina
Love Brace – Toni/Sean/Robbert
Love Rosebud Theaters – Love/Leo
Akeem Red Bird of Paradise Tea – Akeem
Johannes You Scream Ice Cream – Andreina/Kathleen
Sean Sky Wallet – Gustav/Patric/Johannes
Sean Red Bird of Paradise Tea – Akeem
Sean Brace – Toni/Sean/Robbert
Patric Brace – Toni/Sean/Robbert



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