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After watching the movie 21, we’ll be looking at how to actually play the game and the probability strategies used by many out there.

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Math B Retests

On Monday at 9.10 in room 4316, there will be a test in Math B for those people to whom I have talked.  This test is specifically for people who are in between grades for which I need more basis for setting final grades.

The rest of the students from ES1B are excused from class that day.  We will be having class as usual for the rest of the week.  Both Math B courses will be watching the movie ”21” these next few weeks and discussing the reality (both math and otherwise) and fiction of the movie.

Math B Nationals to be Returned on Thursday

Math B students will have class on Thursday to get their National Tests returned and discuss final grades.

Has Math B Really Ended???

Post national tests many students think that a math course has ended when in reality there are lots of loose ends with which to work.  For the next week, first years students will have the opportunity to use my Math B class time to work towards Shaekspeare Day.  However, I highly recommend for those students who are in danger of failing or are in between grades to continue actively studying.  After Shaekspeare day, National tests will be graded in their entirity and grade talks will be done between teacher and student.  Any students that are in danger of receiving a fail may have the opportunity to study and take a final test.

Math Clinic

Just a reminder that Math Clinic is available on Mondays (including the Monday before the Nationals) from 14.30 – 16.40 in room 4315.

Answers to 5210 and 5211

Several people have been having problems solving the last two questions on the missing data handout, so I’ve written out detailed solutions and included them below.

Questions 5210 and 5211.

Missing Data_5210

Missing Data_5211

Getting Ready for the (Math B) Nationals

Math B Nationals are now just one week away.  We’ll be using the time in class for you to review and work with the compendium you got this last Friday.

Sources of Error – Missing Data

Missing Data

Sources of Error

bias handout

»»National Test Math B May 18th, 9-13««

in the Auditorium!

Under the Weather aka Sick

Unfortunately, I am under the weather (aka sick  today) and won’t be coming into school.  So, please continue your work in each individual classes independantly (aka on your own).

– From Urban Dictionary’s definition of ”under the weather”

During the days when ships were powered by sail, the captains log documented everything that happended during the day. As sickness could spread rapidly on a ship,there were often times where the number of sailers that were ill exceeded the space provided in the log to record their names. During these times, the excess names of the sick were recorded in the next column, which was reserved for the weather conditions of the day. Thus, it was not unusal for an ill sailor to be listed ”under the weather”.


histogram e1a

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