Math C


Here are my Notes: Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions.

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Worksheet 3:6 Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions

Notes: Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions

New(er) National Test added to Official website

A new(er) National Test in Math C has been released on the official website.  The test is from Fall 2009, but unfortunately has only been released in Swedish.  We will be working more with National Tests as we get closer to the test.

Don’t forget that we have our next test on May 4th which will cover everything we have worked with so far in the course.

Derivatives Review


Derivative of a^x

Recommended Websites:

Max/Mins in Closed Intervals

Exercises 10D (the yellow paper) – focus more on questions 15-16


For more on this subject take a look at Paul’s Online Notes in Calculus.

Derivative Sudoku

After going through different derivative rules, students were asked to work with a derivatives sudoku (includes answers along with a few Suduko solutions ).

Here are some rules that you will need to find some of the derivatives.

Quotient Rule

Product Rule
Product Rule

Derivative of Natural Logarithms
Derivative Natural Logarithm

Originally from

Derivatives Review Solutions

Calculus Derivatives and Limits Math Sheet
Calculus Derivatives and Limits Math Sheet

Here are the solutions for the derivatives review that you are working on in groups during class.

Derivative Applications Review Group Work

During class today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday), we will be working in groups of around 4 to working on solving derivative application problems.

C-review derivatives

I will post the solutions tomorrow after class.

Derivatives Test Graded

I’ve graded the Derivatives test and will return them to you tomorrow on Tuesday.  Here is an updated version of the test answers.  Note the comments about common mistakes at the top.