Small Business

The Dragons

I totally forgot about Shakespeare Day this Wednesday.  Please go and cheer on the first years.  Final business plan presentations will be done on Friday morning (3rd Years) and on the following Wednesday (2nd Years).

Here is the list of presentations and the people who will be reviewing which business proposals.  Please read through them and prepare questions for them to answer after their presentations.

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Details Concerning the Business Plan

Reminder that the business plan is due in via Fronter (requires login) on Monday May 24th at 12:00. No exceptions.

The business plan should be made up of the following:

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Deadline for Business Plans

The final versions for the Business Plan needed to be handed into me (via Fronter) by May24th 12:00.  I have already created the hand-in catalog (requires fronter login).  No late work will be accepted.

Hiring for your Small Business

Apply for a job at Ikea

Qualities necessary for being a good manager

Other Recommended Links:

Venture Capital

We listened to the Raising Capital Podcast from Oxford University (Paul Fisher from Advent Venture Partners) while working on individual business plans.

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Raising Capital

Please don’t forget to upload your work to Fronter!

Dragons’ Den – Hungryhouse pitch
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Business/Marketing Plans cont’d Part 3

Fanta Sea, International Chocolate Company and Yama Soft drinks presented their business plans in class.

Please don’t forget to listen to the opening lecture, “Taking the First Steps“ from Oxford University’s Building a Business Podcast (via iTunes U, download the mp3).

Business/Marketing Plan Presentations cont’d Part 2

During class several more businesses presented their plans and the few remaining presentations will be done on Wednesday.

After this, we will be continuing on to how to raise money for starting up a company.  Please listen to the opening lecture, ”Taking the First Steps” from Oxford University’s Building a Business Podcast (via iTunes U, download the mp3).

If you don’t have Itunes or an mp3 player and want to listen via the web, you can also check here (it’s listed as lecture 7).

The Art of Negotiating

I was listening to some random business podcasts and came across the Building a Business Series from Oxford University and almost missed this gem of a lecture. This lecture looks at some of the problems of negotiating and how they can get completely out of hand. During his talk, the speaker manages to auction off a 10 pound note for more than 12 pounds…and the person who wins is heard cheering in the background.

‘Negotiation Skills’, part 5 of Building a Business

I also liked very much the lecture on Intellectual Property Rights. 

If you want a non-Itunes look at these lecture can be found here.

More podcasts from Oxford can be found on their website

Business/Marketing Plan Presentations

We had several companies (Bicab , A&E Entertainment, Vishu, and Monkey Business) presented their limited business plan and marketing plan during class.  The rest of the presentations will be concluded on Friday.

I’ve added a folder for each of the companies to hand-in their work via fronter (requires login) as well as one for the earlier business idea.  Please make sure to upload your files there, so that I have a backup of the work that you might have handed to me in class or sent via email.