Web Class Ends!

Grades are now set for webdesign! Thank you guys for a wonderful year and be safe on the  Internet…

http://youropenbook.org – Openbook lets you search public Facebook updates using Facebook’s own search service.

We won’t be having classes next week.  Go outside and get some sunshine!


I was doing some random surfing here in class and came across something I’m definitely using for next years course, a website called http://www.typographyforlawyers.com/. BUT even if you’re not a lawyer, it’s wonderful for just looking at how to use typography to get your message across.  Something we should all be worried about in all professions.

Final (Small) Project

Ok..last project. I need a new design from you that tries to encompass everything that you have learned during this course.  I’m basically looking for a design that shows your understand/mastery of:

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • absolute/relative linking,
  • CRAP,
  • animation,
  • image editing,
  • and image compression.

Since we have a short time to do this, I am not looking for an absolutely complete design, but something that shows your development and especially your technical mastery.

Accessing the Web Server

We finally got access (using Filezilla) from the computer in the lab and are now (FINALLY) able to access the webserver.  Your old webserver accounts are still active and available.

Please note that you have approximately 2 weeks to update your work there.

Class List Links

Here is a list of the current webpages thats students are working on.

Deadlines for hand-ins

All third year students need to have all their work up on their course website by the evening of Monday, May 24th.  For second years, all work needs to  be in by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 26th.  I will close down access to the accounts as I grade them.  All work should be clearly marked and completed.  Please make sure that you have done enough of the small projects that we have worked with throughout the year in order for me to evaluate your work.

No late work will be accepted!!!

Under the Weather aka Sick

Unfortunately, I am under the weather (aka sick  today) and won’t be coming into school.  So, please continue your work in each individual classes independantly (aka on your own).

– From Urban Dictionary’s definition of ”under the weather”

During the days when ships were powered by sail, the captains log documented everything that happended during the day. As sickness could spread rapidly on a ship,there were often times where the number of sailers that were ill exceeded the space provided in the log to record their names. During these times, the excess names of the sick were recorded in the next column, which was reserved for the weather conditions of the day. Thus, it was not unusal for an ill sailor to be listed ”under the weather”.

Animation Work cont’d

Continue working with your animations…and now it’s time to create your own! Create a web animation that will work with your website frontpage.

Animation cont’d

If you would like to use view the rss feeds from my website, simply put feed after the URL.  So for instance, if you would like to see the rss feed for webdesign, you would use http://jill.rhoads.nu/category/webdesign/feed/ .

 Continue in class with your animation work.  You can even change the size of your animation in ImageReady….which can give quite an effect. To the left is the animation that I did in class.

Web animation with ImageReady

Web animation with ImageReady