Have a Great Summer!!!

I just want to thank you all for a great year! Good luck to those students who are graduating and for the rest of you, I’ll see you next year.

I hope you all have a relaxing summer.  As for myself, I’ll be reading lots and getting ready for next year’s new courses this summer.  I also hope to build an online syllabus for Math C and D.  So keep a watch out for that.


Grades are currently being set and talks will be held during classes.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Congratulations to ES1A!

Guess who won best play in Shakespeare day?!? None other than ES1A! Good job guys!

Special congratulations goes to Jaques, Dhruv, and Blanca for their outstanding award-winning performances! and Sara for her nomination as well!  The public gave you all much deserved accolades.

Personally I think there were other break-out performances as well:

  • Alice did a wonderful job on her part.  She really looked like a natural actor on stage.
  • Xavier did a performance that really reminded me of the acting style of the Old Spice Commercial: ”I’m on a horse”.  Was this intentional?
  • and Oliver as Chorus for the loudest actor on stage.  You could hear him really, really (wink) well at the back of the auditorium.

Damn cough

Sorry guys, i’m home today after en entire night coughing (that and some other tmi details). Someone should have opened the door to the computer room for you in order to let you keep working on finishing your last work.
Again a reminder, if you want to have grade talks during class on Thursday, you need to leave a comment on my website and be finished with your work by Wednesday. Otherwise, I’ll be grading your work over the weekend and grade talks will be next Tuesday.

Math B NP Graded

I’ve graded the national Math B tests and updated the grades on the web.  Please keep in mind that these are preliminary grades.  Tests will be handed back in class on Friday, so it is important that everyone attend.

Math C NP Graded

I’ve finished grading all the tests and updated the grades on the website.  Please keep in mind that these are preliminary grades.  Tests will be most likely handed back on Thursday, but that is currently not decided.

Math C Nationals

Math C Nationals are tomorrow.  ES2A will be in room 6506.  Good luck all!

Web Design Grades

If you would like to have grade discussions during class next Thursday (May 26th) before grades are set, please let me know by Wednesday May 25th and have your work completed by then as well.

Marketing Assignment Work

Today’s Podcast: The Wall Street Journal on Small Business

If you would like to have grade discussions with me on Friday May 27th during the 8.20 class, please leave a comment.  If you have a class during this time, please let me know and I can meet you before class for a quick discussion.

The marketing analysis assignment MUST be handed in via Fronter.  No exceptions.

Marketing Assignment Hand-in Catalog (requires Fronter login).

If you are doing the Marketing Campaign please leave a comment informing me, so that we can book in a time on the 25th.

Post Nationals

No lesson today  in Math B due to Läroverksfejden, but from what I’ve understood, you guys are going to work with Shakespeare Day anyhow.

FYI Math class on Friday and Monday is available to be used for you guys to prepare for Shakespeare Day.I’m also hoping to have the Nationals graded by the end of this weekend.