Business Block D

In-Service Training

No lessons due to in-service training for teachers.  Time to get all that work done!

Fanta Presentations

Today we presented the ideas from the Fanta brainstorming sessions we’ve had.

Groups please leave your short product summary along with a picture as comments to this post.

Business Block A and D grading somewhat done

I’m 95% done withe grading and have put it all up on the grading information.  Please leave comments if you can’t find anything specific.  Otherwise, I will have grade talks with people during the A block on Monday at 14.50 in 4315 and will stay on after a bit for those who have class during Block A.

Last Class and Grading Talks

We saw the last presentations during class.  For those of you would like to have a short grade talk, I will be holding talks on Monday Jan 17th during Block A (14.50).  If you have a spring class during Block A, please let me know and I can stay afterwards as well.

Business Reports on Fronter

OK, I’ve uploaded all the reports that people sent me via email to fronter in order for me to start grading them.  Please log into fronter and check that your report is there if you sent it to me via email.   I know fronter isn’t working for a lot of you which is OK, but please find Alan and make sure you can access the system.

At-home Business Test

» Läs Mer..

Finally Alive…

…but maybe not kicking just yet.
I’ve been in the US for the Christmas Holiday and got back this past week, but due to the time change, I am still *extremely* tired and haven’t exactly been myself. In fact, I’ve been in zombie-land since landing. BUT Time is quickly ramping up for the school start on Monday, and it’s now time for me get back to work. On the up side, I did get some work done during the vacation, but not nearly as much as I had wanted. (I do this mistake almost every year.) I just need to post the information to the website in order to inform all of you of graded tests etc. So here is a quick overview of what is happening:

  • I have graded 2/3 of the Math A nationals as of this minute. I hope to finish the rest of it tomorrow during the day. Overall, the grades look promising. More to come…
  • I have graded the Math C tests, but need to finish off the last test that I didn’t get to before my laptop battery ran out on the airplane. Oh, and I found a few mistakes in my answers for the test.  I’ll change that as soon as I find the original file on my computer.  More to come…
  • There is a Business at-home retake for some people tomorrow (Sunday) starting at 15 and ending at 16:30. I’m still on schedule for this.
  • As for the other Business reports, I am currently putting them in order on Fronter and will be looking at them quite soon.  On Monday, we should see our first in class presentations for those who turned it in on the 4th of January.

But all in all, I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in work between now and January 17th when evaluations and grades for short courses are due. So I’m going to say it now as a friendly warning for those of you who are wondering…Unless something short of a miracle occurs, I will not have time to look at late work before grades have to be entered.

I have yet to look at my school email account, and frankly, I’m scared to see what I will find.  Hopefully I will get to that quite soon but seem to be putting it off for fear of a gargantuan pile of dudu to do.

Also, just to mention, the Consumer Electronics Show is going on as I write this and I’ve been following the event via my favorite website TWiT.  Surf on over and check out what’s going on.

Business Test / Företagsekonomi Prov

For those who missed the first test, there will be another time available on Sunday, Jan 9th for you to take it.  It will be a ”do at home” test and will be posted on the website at 15:00 and is to be handedin via fronter or emailed to me by no later than 16:30.  This is an individual test and not to be worked with by others.  I am leaving this up to your academic integrity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

För dem av er som missade den första provet, det kommer att vara en tid till på söndag den 9:e januari.  Den kommer att vara ett ”svara hemma” prov och kommer att läggas ut på websiten 15.00 och ska lämnas in via fronter eller skickas till mig via epost senaste 16.30.  Detta är en enskild prov och få er samarbetas på.  Jag lämnar detta till era academiska integritet.

Om ni har några frågor, kan du alltid kontakta mig.

Logorama on Vimeo

Logorama on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Logorama on Vimeo.

Fronter Hand-in folders created

I’ve created the fronter folders for the various handins and deadlines:

Note: All work must be handed in via fronter or emailed to me at before the deadline.  No exceptions.