Math B ES1A


Grades are currently being set and talks will be held during classes.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Math B NP Graded

I’ve graded the national Math B tests and updated the grades on the web.  Please keep in mind that these are preliminary grades.  Tests will be handed back in class on Friday, so it is important that everyone attend.

Post Nationals

No lesson today  in Math B due to Läroverksfejden, but from what I’ve understood, you guys are going to work with Shakespeare Day anyhow.

FYI Math class on Friday and Monday is available to be used for you guys to prepare for Shakespeare Day.I’m also hoping to have the Nationals graded by the end of this weekend.

Questionnaires and Nonresponse Bias

Today’s Class Notes: Nonresponse

Math B Nationals

Math B Nationals are to be held May 17th from 8.20 – 12.20.

ES1A will be in room 4503.

Box and Whiskers

Today’s Notes: Box and whiskers

For those of you interested in looking at old National Tests:

National course tests in mathematics B-D – Applied Educational Science – Umeå University, Sweden.


Tests Returned & Statistics

Tests returned.  Also if you would like to see your grades you can do so by clicking on the Grades link either to the right or above.  The email address that you gave me earlier is your login name.

Today’s Notes: Statistics


Todays Class Notes: Probability: And/OR/Tree Diagrams

Math B Test

ES 1 Math B Test

Math B Review Sheet

Math B so far 2011-03-31