Math C ES2A


Grades are currently being set and talks will be held during classes.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Math C NP Graded

I’ve finished grading all the tests and updated the grades on the website.  Please keep in mind that these are preliminary grades.  Tests will be most likely handed back on Thursday, but that is currently not decided.

Math C Nationals

Math C Nationals are tomorrow.  ES2A will be in room 6506.  Good luck all!

Getting Ready for Nationals

Keep working with the materials I’ve handed 0ut earlier in order to prepare for the nationals.

Next time, we’ll take a look at numerical derivation.

Even MORE Math C Nationals Materials

Math C National Fall 2009 with Solutions (2 pages per A4)

Note: There were a few errors in the copies given out earlier which I’ve now corrected.  If you find any other mistakes, please leave a comment and let me know.

More Math C Review Materials

National Math C test Friday May 20th, 8.20-12.20 in Room 6506 (ES2A).
Here are some review materials that I’ve compiled through the years.

Intervals and Deriving e^x

Today’s Class Notes: Intervals and E

Old tests returned

The last test was returned along with a formative assessment.

Nationals are going to be held on Friday May 20th. Exact time will be announced later.

Besides finishing up the last subject in the course, we will be also starting on review.

Math C Course Review with Solutions

Math C Evaluations

I’ve graded the latest test and quiz now and have updated the information on the web.  Check the Grades Page using the email address given to me earlier.  If you have changed email addresses since then, then please find me in school so that it will be updated.

More Applications

Class notes: More applications