Small Business Block A


Grades are currently being set and talks will be held during classes.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Marketing Assignment Work

Today’s Podcast: The Wall Street Journal on Small Business

If you would like to have grade discussions with me on Friday May 27th during the 8.20 class, please leave a comment.  If you have a class during this time, please let me know and I can meet you before class for a quick discussion.

The marketing analysis assignment MUST be handed in via Fronter.  No exceptions.

Marketing Assignment Hand-in Catalog (requires Fronter login).

If you are doing the Marketing Campaign please leave a comment informing me, so that we can book in a time on the 25th.

Marketing Assignment

Since we are rather short on time, I’m cutting down the planned marketing assignment.  You now have 2 choices to work from.

Option A – Marketing Analysis

– Looking at already established products marketing within the alcohol or tobacco industry

– This work is to be done individually and handed in by May 25th.

  • G – Analyse a single commercial’s focus using the marketing theory we covered earlier
  • VG – Compare two products marketing using the marketing theory we covered earlier
  • MVG – Looking at a marketing trend using the marketing theory we covered earlier

Option B – A Marketing Campaign

– Creating and implementing a marketing campaign targeted either towards anti-smoking or responsible drinking.  Again, you need to be able to explain your choices using the theory we covered earlier in marketing.

– This work can be done in groups no bigger than 3.

– This work will be presented on May 25th.  Please contact me for presenting times since this is also during Shakespeare Day.

Marketing Cont’d

Today’s Podcast:  The Wall Street Journal on Small Business

Class Notes: Market Orientations

Market share: Garmin on Top, TomTom Number 2, Magellan Slips GPS Review.

For next time: Look on Youtube and find commercials for cigarettes and alcohol.  Look specifically at how marketing is targeting specific audiences and which orientation the product has.



Google Chrome: It Gets Better via YouTube – Google Chrome: It Gets Better.

For next time, read more on the marketing mix, the 4 ps on the web and the handout given out in class.


Pitch Times

Here is the schedule for the pitch presentations for the people who have sent in their business ideas.  Since there is ”mösspåtagning” on Friday, we won’t be having pitches at 13 as previously planned.  Instead, I’ve moved those times to Monday.  However, I have not received business ideas from several people, and since there is a larger group on Monday, I can’t guarantee available times during that class.  The ones below who have sent in their ideas vie email earlier are guaranteed times.

Friday April 29th 8.20

  • B-Bsitter – Johanna and Sandra
  • Lindgren & Näsström tools – Hampus and Filip L.
  • MacaRoom – Hanna
  • Dog Sitting Site – Name TBA – Henrik
  • The SturdyCover – Filip G and Fillipo
  • IAEK Art – Axel
  • (Zambiabag – Anna, Ebba, and Eda  – Only sent in trademark application)

Monday May 2nd 14.50

  • Uhlin Heaters – Erik and Robin
  • Port Bat (Portable power pack) – Simon and Måns
  • EarthRace – Mattias and Gini
  • White Coastal Wedding – Iffy and Natasha

Facebook Links

Here are a few links for the real story behind ”The Social Network” which is still ongoing.

Business Ideas

Since I’ve been sick this past week, I’m allowing business ideas to be approved by e-mail.  The deadline has also been extended until Monday, April 18th.  Please email me at with your brief business ideas.

Application for Protection of Ideas

In order to protect your business idea, you should either:

  • apply for a patent for a central part of your product
  • trademark your product brand, company name, etc
  • register your copyright
  • or keep a the essential information as a trade secret

So for the purposes of this exercise, you need to determine which of these you will choose.  However, if you choose the first three, you need to register them.  Copy the following application and fill it in as a comment to this post.

Type of Protection: Patent, Trademark, or Copyright

Title: Name of Idea

Applicant Name(s): Your name(s)

Description: A detailed description of your idea.

Pitch times

Here are the times, I received written down about when you are available to pitch your ideas on Friday, April 29th. Please leave a comment if something has changed or the information is incorrect.  The initials are the first letter of  your first name and the first two letters of your last name.

Initials Friday 8.20 Friday 13.00
GGA x x
VJE x x
SBE x x
MFA x x