Web Design


Grades are currently being set and talks will be held during classes.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Damn cough

Sorry guys, i’m home today after en entire night coughing (that and some other tmi details). Someone should have opened the door to the computer room for you in order to let you keep working on finishing your last work.
Again a reminder, if you want to have grade talks during class on Thursday, you need to leave a comment on my website and be finished with your work by Wednesday. Otherwise, I’ll be grading your work over the weekend and grade talks will be next Tuesday.

Web Design Grades

If you would like to have grade discussions during class next Thursday (May 26th) before grades are set, please let me know by Wednesday May 25th and have your work completed by then as well.

Animation work

Today you get another chance to work on your animations.  I’ll also be talking preliminary evaluations with people since final grading is around the corner!

Google Animation

Have you seen the animation that Google did recently to celebrate dancer Martha Graham?  The movement in the image was done absolutely beautifully.

Martha Graham Google Doodle celebrates mother of modern dance on her 117th anniversary | Mail Online.

Web Animation

Today we’ll be taking a look at doing simple web animations using ImageReady.

Fun examples: SeñorGif

Web animation with ImageReady

Finishing up Grouping of Layers

This is the last day, we’ll be working in class with grouping of layers.  Please make sure your work is available on your WordPress website.

Tweeting and Layer Grouping in Photoshop

Buzz Out Loud: News of Osama Bin Laden’s death breaks on Twitter before traditional the media.

We also worked on grouping layers (uppsättning) in Photoshop in order to use one photoshop file to design several layouts based on the same theme.  We will us this time and the next to work with this.  Please note that we are using Photoshop CS in the classroom, so this functionality may have changed in more recent versions.

Last Day for Designs

Today is the last day, you will be able to work with your own designs. Next time, we will look at grouping layers in order to keep your different layouts of designs separated.

For those who weren’t in class last time, please don’t forget to vote on the Webby Awards.  You must do it today since voting ends on April 28th.  Don’t forget to blog about your reflections and impressions.  Maybe choose a favorite of your own and explain why.

Social news is also a new trend we are seeing come into it’s own where people are recommending stories written by newspapers, bloggers, etc. One of the newest apps that I have found for ipad is called Flipboard which follows different twitter accounts and presents them in a newspaper style.  You can even follow your own twitter feed.  Suddenly, twitter looks totally different than 140 characters.  Check out the video on their website, even if you don’t have an ipad youself.

Getting back from break

Since this is the first class of the first day back, we’ll start off a little soft and look at the webby awards. Log in (preferrably with your facebook account) and vote for the sites you like best in some categories. Voting ends on April 28th, so vote today. Don’t forget to blog about your impressions on your website.