Have a Great Summer!

Grades are almost completely in on Thursday and I wanted to wish you all a great summer before you stop checking the website! Besides studying a few physics courses this summer, I’ll be traveling to the Cotswolds in England and then heading to the States to Cleveland to hang with my family. (I can’t wait…Cedar Point WHOHOO!, maybe Niagara FallsKings Island, and Mammoth Caves).

I leave you with a wonderfully cute image of Lovisa’s Cat refusing to let her study for Math D!

3rd Year Accounts Removed

I’ve removed the 3rd Year ftp (filezilla) and wordpress accounts from the web server.  Just so you know.

Note: Vilhlem, I made a boo boo and mistakenly removed your ftp access.  I will email you a new password.

Marketing Hand-in

I’ve had a few people ask me for a written description regarding the hand-in.  Basically, I want you in your project groups to agree on a cohesive marketing strategy and then each of you individually develop an advertisement for one media.  Once you develop the media, I want you to analyse its aspects from the point of view of the 4 Ps and the ABCDE’s that we talked about in class.  You should be as specific as possible which aspects represent which ideas in marketing.

The Rumors are True

If you have been listening to the Kungsholmen grapevine, you might have heard that I was moving on to another school…and that would be correct. I officially turned in my notice to the school this Monday that I will not be returning this Fall. I have been offered and taken another position at Österåkers Gymnasium in Åkersberga. The school is a one-to-one Swedish public high school. In other words, every student has their own laptop and uses them in their day-to-day teaching. I’m really looking forward to working in a more digital environment. In front of me, I also have a new challenge of teaching Physics and going back to college myself in order to get my Swedish ‘ämnesbehörighet’ in the subject. Wish me luck on that! (and yes, I will be teaching in Swedish….)

But all said, I will truly miss Kungsholmens Gymnasium. It has truly been my home for the past many years where I have met so many wonderful students and had the opportunity to work with some amazing educators. The school really is world class! I will miss you all.

Final Hand-in Folders

Edit May 29th 8:20: I have now deactivated all of the business blogs.  If you would like to write anything more please hand it in via the Fronter catalogs below.

I’ve put up the final hand-in folders for the Marketing Assignment.  Any extra material you would like to hand in can also be put in this catalog.

Y3 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-05-29 @ 17:00

Y2 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-06-04 @ 17:00

Please keep in mind that this is a HARD DEADLINE! I will not be able to grade anything turned in after this deadline due to time constraints.  Please keep this in mind.

(Note that the above links work better if you log into Fronter first)

I am not accepting anything that isn’t via Fronter!

Newtonian Physics and Calculus

Open Yale Courses | Fundamentals of Physics I | Lecture 1 – Course Introduction and Newtonian Mechanics.

Math D Last Chance

On Wednesday at 9:50, I’ve invited some students to take ”last chance” tests.  It should take about 80 minutes.   Ms. Norrbom has also invited a few of her Math D students to participate as well.

Now let the grading of national tests begin!

Gah, I have 90 or so national tests to grade in Math 1b, Math C, and Math D. I hope to have two of the three graded by Monday…but that could turn out to be wishful thinking. I’ll keep you all posted via the website.

Update: Sunday 13.00 – I’ve gotten halfway through both Math 1b and Math D as of 13.00 on Sunday. It looks like I should have Math D done on time for class on Monday.

Update: Sunday 16.00 – The 2nd part was quite easy to grade and I’m done grading Math D now.  I am quite pleased about how fair the test was and am fairly sure most of you will be happy with the results. We will look through it in detail on Monday.

What’s Cool Right Now

Leap Motion.

How to Rank #1 on Google – By Matt Cutts – YouTube.


We looked at Don Tapscott’s A,B,C,D,E of marketing:

  • A – Anywhere
  • B – Brand
  • C – Communication
  • D – Discovery
  • E – Experience

We also started agreeing on an outline for the Marketing Plan.