Business Economics

Business Economics Grading Done!

Now, I spent my Sunday evening grading the rest of the business logbooks and looking over final grades.  I’ve uploaded my final grade information in a catalog called Final Grades which you can see under the Hand-in function in Fronter. (Remember to log into Fronter first if you want to use the previous link.)  I will be available tomorrow up in room 6503 for those who who like to talk through their final grade in the course.

Again, thank you all for the hard work you’ve done in the course.  I definitely have seen the improvement in your work and some of the logbooks that I’ve seen have really been wonderful.  See some of you in Small Business!

Still sick at home

I’m hoping this is my last sick day. If you need to get a hold of me, please use the contact link at the top of the page.

Consumer Rights

From the news:

Today we will focus on making you a better consumer!

Consumer Planning and Rights

The idea of too big to fail in the news..again:  Weekend Business Podcast: Too Big to Fail, Global Growth, Robert Frank and a Madoff Update –

This week we will be changing the focus a bit and taking at look at concepts for purchasing and sales and financial planning and follow up for private persons.

For Further Reading (optional):

EU-Debt Crisis

We took a look at the ongoing deb crisis debate that is going on right now and the day’s news.

Leadership and Organisation

Video: America’s Next TARP Model – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 12/01/11 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.

Video: Leadership styles

Today’s Notes: leadership

Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship –


A rare opportunity has been made available to 4-5 students from Kungsholmen.  On three Saturdays (28/1, 18/2 and 17/3), there are going to be workshops and live-streamed meetings with entrepreneurs in Singapore at Södra Latin.  Students need to apply and receive recommendations.  This would be perfect for those of you continuing on to my Small Business course.  I will bring this up during class for those of you who are interested.  The deadline is for applications to be sent from our school is 13/12.

Invitation GEP / Application

News Friday and Evaluations

Today’s News: WBNews: Sarkozy sets out vison on Euro 01 Dec 11

Next time we will look at Chapter 7 Creating a Flexible Organisation from the previous handout.

Please also read: Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship –


Mission Statements

Today we wrote mission statements for some Swedish companies and turned them in for each group’s respective companies.

General Comments Regarding Stock Log Books

Here is a list of things to think about when working with your log book.

  • Keep it all together.  I want to see the entire log book when you hand it in. Simply reading the last few entries becomes a problem when having to scrounge around for your other work,
  • Have a clear strategy.  The beginning of your log book should have a clear and concise strategy in how you will be investing.  Be as specific as possible.  Is there any specific industry that you are going to keep track of?
  • Be detailed.  Simply writing one sentence to explain that you sold off a stock isn’t enough.  Give more details about why you did it.  Remember to source your information as well.
  • Look at the big picture.  Right now the market is quite volatile.   How is this affecting your stocks?  Did your stocks drop with everyone else’s or was it just a specific industry?