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Now let the grading of national tests begin!

Gah, I have 90 or so national tests to grade in Math 1b, Math C, and Math D. I hope to have two of the three graded by Monday…but that could turn out to be wishful thinking. I’ll keep you all posted via the website.

Update: Sunday 13.00 – I’ve gotten halfway through both Math 1b and Math D as of 13.00 on Sunday. It looks like I should have Math D done on time for class on Monday.

Update: Sunday 16.00 – The 2nd part was quite easy to grade and I’m done grading Math D now.  I am quite pleased about how fair the test was and am fairly sure most of you will be happy with the results. We will look through it in detail on Monday.

Sequences Cont’d

Today’s Notes: Sequences con’t

Oral National Test – Information for pupils

Sequences Continued

On Monday starting at 13.00 we will be having the oral part of the national test.  Read on for the groups and times.  The room will be posted on the third floor entrance.  Please be on time…no exceptions.

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Today’s Notes: Sequences

National Preparation Materials that I handed out earlier in class along with some recommended links:

End of Term Planning

Here is the end of term planning that I have presented to each class regarding deadlines for hand-ins and for various class lessons etc.

Continued Verbal Practice

We continued to work in groups with the verbal practice exercise from Friday.

Verbal Exercise

Today we looked at an exercise for working with the verbal  (verbal practice) of the national test in Math 1. We also confirmed having the oral part of the national tests on Monday May 14th in the afternoon of Outdoor Day. Schedules and more detailed information will be handed out on Friday (May 11) the week before.

Probability Tests Returned

Test: Probability_test and Answers: Probability test ans

Please also fill out this online survey.

Statistical Averages

Today’s Notes: Statistics

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode

Probability Test

Today we had a test in Probability: Probability_test.

Please also fill out this online survey.