Math C/D EN2B

Newtonian Physics and Calculus

Open Yale Courses | Fundamentals of Physics I | Lecture 1 – Course Introduction and Newtonian Mechanics.

Math D Last Chance

On Wednesday at 9:50, I’ve invited some students to take ”last chance” tests.  It should take about 80 minutes.   Ms. Norrbom has also invited a few of her Math D students to participate as well.

Now let the grading of national tests begin!

Gah, I have 90 or so national tests to grade in Math 1b, Math C, and Math D. I hope to have two of the three graded by Monday…but that could turn out to be wishful thinking. I’ll keep you all posted via the website.

Update: Sunday 13.00 – I’ve gotten halfway through both Math 1b and Math D as of 13.00 on Sunday. It looks like I should have Math D done on time for class on Monday.

Update: Sunday 16.00 – The 2nd part was quite easy to grade and I’m done grading Math D now.  I am quite pleased about how fair the test was and am fairly sure most of you will be happy with the results. We will look through it in detail on Monday.

Numerical Integration

Today’s Notes: Numerical integration

Math D handout

End of Term Planning

Here is the end of term planning that I have presented to each class regarding deadlines for hand-ins and for various class lessons etc.

End of Year Planning and Studying for Nationals

Math D Tests Returned

Today the tests were returned to you.

Math D EN2B Integration Test and Math D EN2B Integration Test Answers

Also Mr Roddis’ parallel class also had their test today.  Here is a copy: Roddis Test

No Morning Lessons / Grey Day

First years have a national test this morning and no classes are scheduled.  We begin normal classes at 12:30.


Today’s Sudoku with solutions: sudoder

Answers to Integral Test

Here are the solutions to the recent test on Integration: Math D EN2B Integration Test Answers

Admittedly the test was longer than I had planned for, but I will take that into consideration while grading them.