Math C ES2A

Now let the grading of national tests begin!

Gah, I have 90 or so national tests to grade in Math 1b, Math C, and Math D. I hope to have two of the three graded by Monday…but that could turn out to be wishful thinking. I’ll keep you all posted via the website.

Update: Sunday 13.00 – I’ve gotten halfway through both Math 1b and Math D as of 13.00 on Sunday. It looks like I should have Math D done on time for class on Monday.

Update: Sunday 16.00 – The 2nd part was quite easy to grade and I’m done grading Math D now.  I am quite pleased about how fair the test was and am fairly sure most of you will be happy with the results. We will look through it in detail on Monday.

Derivative of e^x and a^x

Today’s Notes: Derive of exponential equations

Don’t forget the Review Session on Sunday at 19.00!

End of Term Planning

Here is the end of term planning that I have presented to each class regarding deadlines for hand-ins and for various class lessons etc.

Studying for that National Thang

Tests were returned today and I handed out a planning for the rest of the term. Tomorrow, we won’t be having class since I have a meeting.  Here is the study materials for getting ready for the National Test.

Math C National Prep Materials | Mrs. Rhoads.

Math C Test

Math C test: Math C Derivative Test april 2012

Answers: Math C Derivative Test april 2012 Answers

Math C Webinar #6

Today we reviewed before the test on Thursday.  Today’s Notes: april22slides

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Derivatives Review

Today you have a chance to review and get help with any questions you have before the Derivative test next Thursday.  Leave a comment if there is anything you would like me to cover on Sunday’s  review session (19.00).

Review Sheet: derivatives_review_sheet

Rates of Change and Numerical Approximations

Today’s Notes: Rates of change d Numerical approximation & handout: C-review derivatives (do not do #6, 9c, and 11!)

Webinar #5 : Second Derivatives

Notes from the webinar: april15slides

We also noted that question #6 on the handout given out in class is most likely incomplete and not included in the answers.  Below are two possible rewrites for the same problem.

Question #6 rewrite:

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Review for Post Easter Derivatives Test

We moved the day of the test to Thursday, April 26th. We will also have our next webinar next Sunday, April 15th, the day before we return from the break.
Today’s Notes: Second Derivatives

Read on for Review Subjects:

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