Small Business Block D

Marketing Hand-in

I’ve had a few people ask me for a written description regarding the hand-in.  Basically, I want you in your project groups to agree on a cohesive marketing strategy and then each of you individually develop an advertisement for one media.  Once you develop the media, I want you to analyse its aspects from the point of view of the 4 Ps and the ABCDE’s that we talked about in class.  You should be as specific as possible which aspects represent which ideas in marketing.

Final Hand-in Folders

Edit May 29th 8:20: I have now deactivated all of the business blogs.  If you would like to write anything more please hand it in via the Fronter catalogs below.

I’ve put up the final hand-in folders for the Marketing Assignment.  Any extra material you would like to hand in can also be put in this catalog.

Y3 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-05-29 @ 17:00

Y2 Hand-in Catalog on Fronter – Closes 2012-06-04 @ 17:00

Please keep in mind that this is a HARD DEADLINE! I will not be able to grade anything turned in after this deadline due to time constraints.  Please keep this in mind.

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I am not accepting anything that isn’t via Fronter!

ABCDE and Marketing Plan

We looked at Don Tapscott’s A,B,C,D,E of marketing:

  • A – Anywhere
  • B – Brand
  • C – Communication
  • D – Discovery
  • E – Experience

We also started agreeing on an outline for the Marketing Plan. Read on for details.

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TV Commericials

Today we’ll have some fun watching some of the world’s best commercials.

Reminder: Business Pitch Evaluations

This is now closed.

Just a reminder that everyone needs to fill in the business pitch evaluation for their own presentation as well as the one you were a dragon for. EACH MEMBER OF THE PRESENTATION TEAM MUST FILL OUT AN EVALUATION! This is required for part of your grade.

Continue reading to see who’s evaluations I have received.

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End of Term Planning

Here is the end of term planning that I have presented to each class regarding deadlines for hand-ins and for various class lessons etc.


Learning Objectives: To be able to identify and apply marketing theory – marketing mix, plans and strategies.

For today, you need to look at the following parts of Marketing:

  • The Marketing Mix – the 4 P’s
    • the 7/8/9 P’s – what are they and how do they differ from the 4 P’s
  • Don Tapscott’s A,B,C,D,E’s of marketing – What is it and how does it work?
  • What is a Marketing Plan? Create a preliminary outline.
  • Marketing Strategies – What are the various strategies used?

Next class, we will be looking at how to apply these concepts to analysing the marketing of some humorous commercials.

Meeting changed

I had a meeting scheduled for yesterday that got changed to today.  So unfortunately, we won’t be having class today.  Keep your eyes peeled on this space for more information.

Block D Business Pitches

Please don’t forget to fill out the business pitch evaluation form.

Block D Pitches

Today we got a look at our first business idea pitches from: Sky Wallet, Red bird of Paradise Tea and Badge.

The teams who presented as well as those who were dragons need to fill in the  business pitch evaluation form.  Please do this while you still have your impressions fresh in your head.

⇖ The picture to the left is the red bird of paradise which is the national flower of Barbados.