3rd Year Accounts Removed

I’ve removed the 3rd Year ftp (filezilla) and wordpress accounts from the web server.  Just so you know.

Note: Vilhlem, I made a boo boo and mistakenly removed your ftp access.  I will email you a new password.

What’s Cool Right Now

Leap Motion.

How to Rank #1 on Google – By Matt Cutts – YouTube.

End of Term Planning

Here is the end of term planning that I have presented to each class regarding deadlines for hand-ins and for various class lessons etc.

HTML Validation

Today we will be looking at how to validate your html.  Dreamweaver is quite good at keeping your HTML correct, but you can’t be sure unless you validate it yourself.

CRAP Project:

So now we have all the tools needed to create a mini-site for our CRAP pages.  You should have most of the material for the content of the  webpage now and are working on a design using templates and div tags.  You should have the following pages for this mini-site:

  • An introduction page that explains the basics of CRAP
  • A Contrast Page that shows the three different web pages that you analysed from the webby awards. This pages should have screen-shots and links to each of the web-pages that you looked at.
  • A Repetition page with the same as above.
  • An Alignment page with the same as above.
  • A Proximity page with the same as above.
  • A page analysing your own design and how it relates to CRAP.  Point out these concepts by cutting out small parts of the webpage and/or screen-shots that illustrate your point.

Templates in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS5 – Templates Part 1 – YouTube.

Take a look at Amherst College‘s use of breaking up a boring line:

Div and AP Div Tags in Dreamweaver

In order to give your CRAP assignment a little more design options, we are going to take a look at how to use CSS div and AP div in Dreamweaver.

For those of you who would like to do this by hand:  Basic Div Layout (Part 1) – YouTube.

Other recommended videos:

Working on CRAP

Today you get more time to work on the CRAP assignment from last class.

Recommended Materials:


Tupac Performs Posthumously at Coachella


Today we will be looking at the design principle called CRAP…Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

Web Design : simple Designs,The perfect design

 The assignment:

Create a webpage in html that looks at 3 different websites from the Webby Awards  for each of the design principles in CRAP.  Include screenshots  and links to the webpage.

Everything Should Work ….

Today, we will get a chance to work with the WordPress part of your websites.  You should be able to log in as before without any problems. You may however need to ask for your password to be reset.  Please please let me know if there are any continuing problems.

WordPress Users Working Now

I think I have managed to fix the user accounts on the WordPress site now. So you should be able to log in and work with your blogs now. Please contact me if there are still any issues.  You may need to ask for new passwords from the system for things to work, but that should be doable now.