IB13 Physics

8.02x – Lect 16 – Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Law, Lenz Law

Alternating Current

Induction Intro

Engineering Option

Hodder Education has made available online their chapter for the Engineering option.

IB Physics: Option B.2 Thermodynamics

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Eng Physics

IB Physics: Option B.1 Rotational Dynamics

Topic 12 Notes – HL

My Notes on Chapter 12 – with all examples calculated

Turning in Physics IA

I have created a catalog for the Physics IA in the courseroom in Vklass (First Draft Physics IA).  I have set the time for the deadline to Monday, Nov 16th 23:59.  Please remember that I will not be able to give you feedback if you do not turn it in on time.

IA Checklist