IB14 Math Studies

Quadratic functions review


Work with IAs

Use the time during class today to work with your IA introduction and method.  Keep in mind that these will be turned in rather soon.  So if you wait on doing this, your work along with other courses will be highly stressful and you could risk missing your first deadline.  I’ve created folders for each of you in Google Drive.  Work in a document there, so that I can follow along with your work.  I should at the very least see the beginnings of your document by today.

Planning for MS


Achievement level reflections

Achievement level reflections

Lösenordsskyddad: mini-mocks markschemes

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Trig Review


April 2016 Test Paper 1 IB14 with Ans.pdf


April 2016 Test Paper 2 IB14 with Ans


Factorisation of quadratic expressions


IB14 Quiz

IB14-Quiz.pdf with answers

Test dates:

  • Test – April 18th
  • Mini-mocks (preliminary) May 25-26