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Computing A

Mondays 9:50-11:10 and Wednesdays 15:30-16:50

Lesson Jan 16: Work on your own and read the following: Lesson 9/1: Winter break info: Lesson 17/12: PowerPoint presentations can be turned in here!

Lesson 12/12: Lesson 10/12: Lesson 5/12: Excel Test (which will be available when class starts)

Lesson 3/12: Review for Excel test. Old Excel Test

Lesson 28/11: Data sorting in Excel using a Client Register File

Lesson 21/11: More Excel: Charts, working with more than one sheet, etc Lesson 19/11: More Excel: Copying, formatting numbers, absolute/relative cell references, more detailed budget

Lesson 12/11: Beginning Excel: Simple formulas, =Average(), =Sum(), Simple cell formattning, Autofill, Autosum, Simple Budget

Lesson 14/11: No class due to English A National Tests

Lesson 12/11: Beginning Excel Lession 7/11: No class due to 2nd/3rd Year Development Talks.

Lesson 5/11: Chance to correct Word Test Lesson 10/25: Word Test
Lesson 10/22: Studying for Word Test

Lesson 10/17: Tables of Contents and Styles and Formating

Lesson 10/10: Review and More Formatting: Tabulator, Tables, Columns, Inserting Page Breaks, Background Colors
Lesson 8/10: Lesson 3/10: MicrosoftWord Introduction
Lesson 1/10: Test in Hardware/Software, Ergonomics, and XP

Lesson 26/9: No class due to Language Day
Lesson 24/9: Lesson 19/9: TestQuestions1 and setting date for test
Lesson 17/9: Creating Questions for XP and Egonomics

Lesson 12/9: XPTour
Lesson 10/9: Ergonomics

Lesson 03/9: Software
Lesson 27/8: Hardware and Hardware Questions Hand-in
Lesson 22/8: CourseIntroduction, CourseCriteria, and CourseNews