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How does laser cooling work? – YouTube

A super cool science story about a really cold thing

Scientists just supercooled an object beyond the quantum limit.

Source: A super cool science story about a really cold thing

Conservative forces

Nobel Laureate Visit

On December 12th, we have the honor of a visit from the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Duncan Haldane.  Students will have a chance to hear his ideas and have a chance to ask questions.

Since this coincides with the areas that we are studying at the moment, this could be a great opportunity to see where the subjects that you are studying at the moment are headed.

British trio win Nobel prize in physics for work on exotic states of matter | Science | The Guardian

Lösenordsskyddad: Astrophysics Test

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Schedule and Topic 5

Schedule changes

  • Week 40
    • Normal
    • Mon 10/3 Room Change due to construction TBA
    • Friday 7/10 HL Chem have test
  • Week 41
    • Wed 10/12 IA Experiments,
    • Friday 10/14 Ind Work (Jill at IB Conference)
  • Week 42
    • Wed 10/19 Astrophysics Test,
    • Friday 10/21 IA Experiments
  • Week 43
    • Wed 10/26 IA Experiments,
    • Friday 10/28 Ind Work
  • Week 44 Fall Break



Dark Matter and Energy

Lifetime of stars and Universe


Jeans Criterion


6 Astrophysics Option – Physics IB

Mentioned: We wandered into mathematics a bit during our discussion of Black Holes.  Take a look at the Calculus I – L’Hospital’s Rule and Indeterminate Forms

Lifecycle of stars

Notice of Solar Outage

Lifecycle of Stars

White dwarfs, neutrons stars and black holes