Pre-IB Physics

Fysik halvkursprov

På måndag 12.30 skrivs halvkursprov i fysik (fram tills 15.30).

Följande klasser ska skriva i respektive sal:

  • TE14A – 4209
  • TE14D – 5224
  • IB14  – 5214

De som har rätt till förlängt provtid kommer att kunna skriva resten av provet i rum 5234 mellan 15.30-16.15.

Varje elev måste ha med sig följande:

  • Formelbok (undantag för IB14)
  • Räknare
  • Blyertspenna och sudd

Inga få dela ovan med varandra.  Har det skrivits något i formelboken kommer den att fråntas under provet.

Har du inte något av ovan behöver du ta kontakt med mig via Vklass senaste 8.00 måndag morgon.


Here are the notes together with the example we worked on at the end class: 0603 momentum

Here are some exercises (with answers) that you can work with: momentum exampel questions

Just remember that during a collision that momentum is conserved but not necessarily kinetic energy.

Ideal Gas Law

0529 Ideal gas law

Answers to questions at the end of the handout:

Heat transfer

We looked at theoretical and experimental heat transfer.

0526 Heat transfer

Pressure and Buoyance Test

Test Pressure and buoyancy


Here are the answers: Test Pressure and buoyancy Answers


0505 hyraulics

Pressure and Pascal’s Principle

0424 pressure

Energy and Work Test

Here is today’s test along with the answers: energy and power test ans

Questions for the Test

pre questions

Under Pressure

Today we started the first part of a ”flipped classroom”.  For next time, make sure you have watched video 1-15.  Many of the videos are about some fun competitions or neat physics tricks that can be done.  So even if it looks like alot of videos, they are all rather short (and hopefully even entertaining).

The handouts that I gave out in class are also posted on the Resources page.